Ponthier Blueberry Wild - IQF

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Ponthier Wild Blueberries IQF - Andr_ Ponthier founded the company that bears his name over 60 years ago in the green heart of the Limousin. His love of fruit was born in the family orchards and has never faded. From father to son, the company has taken on new dimensions and new, more sophisticated, innovative products have been created, but always with Maison Ponthier's concern for quality and tradition. Since 2001, Maison Ponthier has been established in a new 90,000 sq/ft. high-tech laboratories, perpetuating a gastronomic heritage based on tradition and concern for the environment. Fruits are carefully selected from accredited growers, while the traditional recipes are based on recognized know-how. This, along with the personal commitment of Yves Ponthier and his team during tasting tests, is what awakens the sense and makes the difference. Today, the Ponthier range is popular with all chefs worldwide who are concerned about authenticity and champion traditional regional food.

L'Epicerie is extremely pleased to offer our customers these outstanding products to both our restaurants chefs as well as our dedicated individuals customers in search of better products. Each container holds 1kg (2.2 lbs) of IQF Fruit.

We recommend using only UPS Next Day Air for shipping of these Ponthier IQF Fruits - Individually Quick Frozen may suffer damage if partial thawing occurs with other methods.