Tapioca Maltodextrin

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Tapioca Maltodextrin - A modified food starch that thickens and stabilizes fatty compounds. Used by pastry chef Alex Stupak of Alinea to turn peanut butter in granular powder form that reconstitutes instantly in your mouth.
Tapioca maltodextrin is produced from tapioca starch by a natural enzymatic process to give desirable fat-like and stabilizing properties. These maltodextrins can be used as a fat-replacer in desserts, cheese products, and ice cream. Some of the benefits include the neutral flavor which makes it an excellent flavor release with improved smooth texture. Maltodextrins can gel in cold water, has a high water binding capability and has good freeze/thaw stability. The off-white color and low application rate of 2% to 10% makes it a great substitute for fat, milk, gums and other stabilizers.