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FAIR TRADE - Lever du Soleil 61% cocoa. Warm, fragrant chocolate flavor with a light, spicy note upfront leading into ripe cherry and complex raisin flavors. Ends with a refreshing chocolate finish. Extremely popular with pastry chefs; works well as a backdrop for mild or intense flavors.

Stone Milled Vintage chocolate produced in Burlingame, CA in the French tradition. Etienne Guittard traveling from France in search of gold started this company more than 130 years ago. Today great-grandson Gary has realized his dream of exploring the synergistic possibilities of blending the vintage techniques and equipment his great-grandfather brought from France with the contemporary means of manufacture to create chocolate with a broad spectrum of flavor that addresses an equally extensive range of applications.

: Cacao beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla beans.

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