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La Canadienne - ORGANIC Khorasan Wheat Flour - T55

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La Canadienne White Khorasan flour is Organic and Unbleached. It is also Additive, Preservative and GMO Free. This flour is milled from Organic Khorasan (Triticum Khorasan) wheat.

Khorasan wheat or Oriental wheat is also known under the name Kamut (Kamut is a trademark for an distributor of khorasan flour). Khorasan is an ancient grain type. This grain is twice the size of modern-day wheat and is known for its rich, nutty flavor. This flour should be stored in a dry (45% moisture) and cool (16C/60F) environment. Under this conditions this flour has a shelf life of approximately 12 months.

Note: Some of our customers and professional bakers find the taste of Khorasan flour more pleasant when mixed to a proportion of 30 to 60% Khorasan with a white or whole wheat traditional flour.

Our white Khorasan flour is a T55 equivalent and is excellent for both breads and pastries.
Imported from Canada

Protein (Gluten): 13%
Ash level: 0.6%

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