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Louis Francois Pectin LM

Louis Francois
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Pectin LM (Low Methoxyl) is extracted from citrus peels. It's a gelling agent recommended for jams or jellies with reduced sugar content. Can be used in organic and dietetic products.

Instructions for use:

To disperse the product without creating lumps:

  • mix it with other dry ingredients (for example: with 3 to 5 times its weight of sugar) then pour the preparation into the liquid (heat treatment allows for a better and complete dissolution at 80/85°C - 175/185ºF) with vigorous agitation and maintain agitation until complete dissolution: it can be delicate to incorporate in a mix rich in calcium.
  • or incorporate it into a non-solvent medium (oil, alcohol, concentrated sugar solutions < 65°Brix)

This gelling agent is thermo-reversible.

Product imported from France by L'Epicerie. Louis Francois provides since 1908 a large selection of professional additives and ingredients used by chefs, pastry chefs, and professionals all over the world. L'Epicerie provides professionals and home chefs as well hard-to-find products, bake-ware and molds in quantities usually not find anywhere else. L'Epicerie is your true professional provider for hard-to-find ingredients in small and large quantities.

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