IRCA - Cold Process Custard - Creme Patissiere (Gluten Free)

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GLUTEN FREE Lilly Neutral Mousse is a powdered mix with neutral flavor, ready-to-use, specially designed for cold process making of mousses, bavaroises and chilled desserts. It can be also used to make fresh liquid cream stable and firmer when whipped.

Quick and easy to use in cold process, it is an excellent replacement for sheet gelatin. Freeze-stable, guaranteed clean-cut results. It can also be used as a stabilizer for fresh whipped cream.

Ingredients: Dehydrated (powdered) glucose syrup, sugar, beef gelatin, skim milk powder, starch. The product may contains traces of eggs and soy.

Lilly Neutral Mix: 200 g / 7oz.
Water or Milk: 200 g / 7 oz.
Cream (4º - 5ºC / 35º - 40ºF) 1kg / 35 oz.
IRCA flavoring paste or fruit paste as desired.

Whip together mix, milk, and cream in a planetary mixer. Add the chosen flavoring paste and mix gently with a whisk. Pour in a container and place in refrigeration for at least 2 hours or freezer for about 40 minutes. The mix can also be prepared with milk or water and mix in the whipped cream afterwards.

Keep product in a dry and cool place in a tight bag and/or container protected from humidity.

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