Euro Vanille Ready-to-infuse Vanilla

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Eurovanille has created a great and fast new way to infuse your desserts or cream with vanilla. The tea bag contains the equivalent of 5 vanilla pods selected for their rich Bourbon aroma. This 10g sachet is 100% vanilla containing only vanilla pods and their seeds, no preservatives, no additives.

Easy to use for all your sweet preparations: No splitting of vanilla bean in two and scraping out the seeds. Everything is already in the little bag! Save Money as well: The bag is less expensive than the pod and unlike the pod its price will not fluctuate. Vanilla has been gently ground and retains its full flavor. One (1) bag = a minimum of 5 pods or beans. It can be used several times (or dried and stored in your sugar jar to create fragrant vanilla sugar).

Food Safety: Full backing of the Eurovanille sterilization guarantee.
Gluten & alcohol free. Environment: Packaging and sachet 100% biodegradable.

Instructions For Use Remove plastic wrapper and place bag in liquid (milk, cream, chocolate, fruit puree, etc...), heat if necessary. Let it rest and infuse for a minimum of 30 minutes. Can also be left overnight for a stronger infusion. Sold in re-sealable foil bag of 10 bags / 100g or box of 50 bags / 500g.