Euro Vanille Vanilla Pods - Madagascar Size:Two vanilla pods in a tube - Madagascar Planifolia

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Planifolia Madagascar Vanilla Pods - After nine months on the vine, the green pods (also referred to beans) are carefully harvested by hand. A slow and highly detailed process extending over several months results in a beautiful black pod with the characteristic vanilla scent and taste. Large pods are generally known to be of better quality. Pods are better used in recipes that calls for infusing in a milk or syrup based. The flavor can also be extracted when cooked in butter in pan for appetizers and main course recipes. - Vanilla is the fruit from an orchid

Europe's pastry chefs have trusted for years the vanilla pods, extracts and powder from Euro Vanille. We are pleased to introduce to our dedicated pastry aficionado and chefs alike the exact same ingredient used by renown chefs all over the world.

Keep your vanilla pods in an airtight container away from light in a cool place and if possible in a refrigerator.