Terms and Conditions

> Canceling your order
Customers wishing to cancel their orders prior to shipping must sent an email at: customer_service<at>lepicerie.com (please replace <at> with @). Request for cancellation must have Order # as well as full name in its subject. An order is not deemed cancelled until a reply of one of our customers service reps is received. Customer will get store credit only for their transaction's full amount. All items purchased with complete disregard to stated "Shipping Recommendations" cannot be guaranteed and will not be replaced or refunded in case of delay or damages during transit - No Exception. If shipment is already in FedEx hands, customer must wait for shipment to be received and call customer service for an RMA upon receipt. Please read "Product Return" instructions.

> Chocolate Order
Please note that unfortunately, due to chocolate nature's and properties, L'Epicerie cannot be responsible for any chocolate melting during transit and after delivery if order is placed with a shipment method other than UPS Next Day Air. When ordering chocolate, to be delivered to known hot locations, or during Summer months melting may occur during transit, and/or after delivery when left outside. Unless your order is placed with a UPS Next Day Air Priority
shipping method some melting will occur during transit. Our couverture chocolate are not finished products but ingredients that will be melted to be incorporated into your recipe. Even if some melting occurred during or after transit your chocolate can still be properly tempered.

> Contacting Us
 By far the best and fastest way to reach us is by email. If you have any question pertaining to your order prior to ordering (inventory, availability, special order) please feel free to email us at: customer_service<at>lepicerie.com, please replace <at> with @, with any question regarding our products or services. You can also call us at: 866-350-7575 Monday through Friday (9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST). Please note: We subscribe to the "Net etiquette" and would appreciate our customers do the same. So please refrain from typing emails in ALL CAPS as these messages will not be read nor answered.

> Frozen Products
Frozen products will ship only on days that do not include a weekend for reaching your delivery address. We reserve the right not to ship frozen products when conditions are not ideal. This extends to all of our Ready-to-Bake products.

When ordering Frozen Ingredients or Frozen Products such as Ponthier Fruit Purees, and all Ready-to-Bake products (croissants and viennoiseries) please make sure someone will be available to receive and sign for the delivery of these items since time is of the essence to avoid thawing and/or damage that would occur if your UPS driver has to come back at at later time or day to re-deliver your shipment. L'Epicerie cannot be responsible if delivery is not completed on time due to customer (or representative) not present at time of first attempted delivery. All frozen items should be placed immediately in your freezer upon receiving. Some thawing may have occurred during transit. Partially frozen/thawed ingredients should be placed as soon as possible in your freezer. Partial thawing will not affect the quality of these ingredients and products.

When placing an order for frozen products and dry goods please create two separate baskets and process two separate orders since we cannot ship together dry goods and frozen goods.

> Gift Certificates
Gift certificate must be placed online. Actual Gift Certificate will be mail by USPS First Class to the recipient of your choice providing you use the "Shipping Address" with his/her name and correct address. Once issued and mailed Gift Certificates cannot be refunded under any circumstance.

> Guaranteed Delivery Services:
Express Services by FedEx such as Next Day Air, Second Day Air or 3-Day Saver Select are the only services guaranteed by carrier to arrive and be delivered by a certain date and time. Ground or Home Delivery services are not guaranteed. Please Note: During the busy holiday season (December 15th to January 8th) UPS and other carriers for that matter may not guarantee on-time delivery services. Weather related delay or other "Acts of God" may affect on-time delivery of your packages and will not be covered by carrier's insurance.

We cannot guarantee an order to be timely received or by a certain date unless you contact us first and check the availability of products and/or ingredients sought to be ordered. For more information on the current availability of ingredients prior to your purchase please contact us toll-free by calling 866-350-7575 or by sending an email to: customer_service<at>lepicerie.com (please replace <at> with @).

Please note that ONLY FedEx Express Services are guaranteed (please see restrictions above). Ground or Home Delivery Services are not covered by this guarantee.

> Orders: Fulfillment and Shipping
All items are shipped daily - Monday thru Friday - from our Warwick warehouse. We are trying our very best to insure all orders are shipped within 3 business days (warehouse is closed on weekends). During holiday seasons expect this fulfillment time to be longer. If you need to receive an order by a certain date please contact us first and check the availability of products and/or ingredients sought to be ordered. For more information on the current availability of ingredients prior to your purchase please contact us toll-free by calling 866-350-7575 or by sending an email to:
customerservice<at>lepicerie.com (please replace <at> with @).

Orders placed with a requested Express Services (Next Day, Second Day, 3-Day Saver) are fulfilled in priority the same day orders are received (Monday through Friday). Transit time do not include fulfillment and packing time and only the number of business days (information related from UPS servers) for your shipment to travel from our warehouse to its final destination. Due to the rarity of some of our offerings it is possible for one item to be currently sold out. If one item is missing or out-of-stock we will make our best effort to contact you and let you know how long we expect before the item is received in our warehouse. We do not ship partial orders unless customer agrees to additional charges due to separate shipments. For all back orders that do ship separately shipping fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Please note: Error(s)
in address and/or missing information (Apt #, Ste #) may result in delaying your shipment and request for additional information by UPS. Additionally UPS will be charging a "Address Modification Fee" for any change (zip code, apt #, etc...) of $15.00 that will added as a charge to your original credit card transaction.

> Inaccuracy Disclaimer
From time to time information on L'Epicerie website may contain typographical errors, inaccuracies, and/or omissions relating to product description, size, weight, pricing, or availability. L'Epicerie and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any typographical errors and reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions at any time without prior notice. L'Epicerie's responsibility shall extend only to the amount of merchandise paid and/or acquired by customer at time of transaction.

> Shipping Charges
L'Epicerie does not add a "Handling fee" on Shipping charges. Shipping charges are computed using UPS servers and are based upon weight and size of shipment. Shipping rate shown at checkout may be different than the actual charges for your shipment. Differences may occur based on actual weight, dimensions, and other factors (such as weather - more or less ice packs). Additional shipping charges may occur after shipment ismade. Also, some items sold by the case may require additional shipping as they are shipped from our warehouse but separately from the rest of your order. We may ship in two or more different boxes to insure the safety of your products during transit and minimize the risk of breakage.

> Shipment Damages - Partial Loss or Error in Shipment
Upon receiving your order please check your shipment for any damage your shipment may have suffered during transit and notify immediately your FedEx driver if present at time of delivery. All damages, errors and/or missing item(s) in shipment should also be reported immediately, and no later than 24 hours after receipt of shipment, to L'Epicerie's customer service by calling 866-350-7575 or by emailing us at: customer_service<at>lepicerie.com (please replace <at> with @). Please provide us with photographs showing damages to shipment or erroneous items shipped. These photographs should be sent to the above address no later than 48 hours after receipt of shipment in order for an investigation with our warehouse or FedEx to be processed. All damaged products and shipping box(es) must be kept for inspection. Damaged shipping box(es) and products during shipping should be made available to FedEx for further inspections and/or returned to our warehouse. No claim can be filed against shipper unless both the shipping box(es) and products are available for inspection.

L'Epicerie and/or its carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx) cannot be held responsible for any theft or damages occurring after parcel has been delivered to your shipping address. A tracking # is sent when your order is shipped allowing you to track its progress and delivery and ensure safe receipt of your order.

> Special Orders / Special Offer
Special orders may require up to 48 hours to be processed. Special Offers are final and cannot be returned. Absolutely No Return, Cancelation or Refund on Special Orders and/or Special Offers. Only fully paid samples or fully paid products are guaranteed free-of-defaultand covered by our Guarantee of Satisfaction.

> Payment of invoices
Payment by credit cards (Amex, Visa, MasterCard) is required at time ofpurchase. Open Accounts (after Credit Dept. review) will need to be settled within 30 days of receipt of merchandise. Accounts not setteld within 30 days of delivery of merchandise will be assessed a 1.5% interest per month. Accounts more than 60 days late will be placed on C.O.D. immediately. No delivery or shipment will be made for C.O.D. accounts until pre-payment is received in full (Certified checks and/or ACH transfer are acceptable form of payment). Payments by CC will not beaccepted for C.O.D. accounts.

> Product Return
Customers wishing to return ingredients or products should immediately upon receiving their order email us at customerservice<at>lepicerie.com (please replace <at> with @) to obtain a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Prior to shipping this RMA# will be printed on the outside of the returned shipment to insure proper routing in our warehouse. No return will be accepting without RMA #. Customers are responsible for all costs associated with the return or refusal of merchandise. Returns should be made with a reputable carrier (UPS or FedEx are best suited) and include a tracking number. Products returned to our warehouse for credit or exchange should be received in perfect original conditions and include all packaging and boxes. No return will be accepted after four weeks from date of purchase except for Perishables (including all Frozen Ingredients and Products) which should be returned immediately (no later than 72 hours) upon receipt. Please note that Frozen Ingredients and Frozen Products should be kept for a
full 24 hours after receipt in a freezer (temperature of -5ºF to +5ºF) before being returned in order to insure they will not be damaged or spoiled during the return. Customers returning products will get store credit for the merchandise's amount only (no refund of shipping fees). All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

> Refunds
Refunds will be issued after return and inspection of merchandise by our warehouse. You must obtain first a RMA before return, all returns without RMA will be discarded. Refunds will be made by company's check and mailed to customers within two weeks of accepted refund. Gift Certificates are not refundable under any circumstances.