About our company

Epicerie L'Épicerie (prononced lepisri) comes from the word "épice" (meaning spice). Originally a "comptoir" (counter) where one could find and buy "épices" it became a generic name for a store where to buy everyday ingredients along with spices. This is still the term used throughout France to designate a grocery or general store. Les "épiceries" varied widly as to what customers can find on the shelves, from the simple neighborhood épicerie to the fanciest and very specialized such as Hédiard, Fauchon, or La Grande Epicerie in Paris.

L'Épicerie (www.lepicerie.com) located in New York City is the brainchild of founder Philippe-Louis Houzé. Born and raised in Paris, France, Philippe started to cook at the early age of 13 with his grandmother. Henriette Bouthier cooked every day