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Dutriez - Red Currant preserve

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Ingredients: Sugar 65%, Red Currants 35% - Product of France

DUTRIEZ - A la Lorraine - Red Currant preserve seeded with a feather quill. Also known as "A La Lorraine" preserves. The origins of this wonderful Bar-le-Duc industry go back to the 14th century. The earliest known mention of Bar-le-Duc preserve was in 1344 in a legal document. At this period it was a widespread custom amongst the nobility and bourgeoisie to send jars of this preserve as a Thank You present to judges when they had won a case.
In the following centuries the jam only graced the tables of great nobles as it was very soon considered a luxury item. From the 16th century the jam was known all over France. It was a matter of honor to serve at one's table these famous preserve in their small crystal jars in which they were now presented.
Over all these years the production method has remained the same and they are still hand seeded using a feather quill.