Pralines Rose - Pink Pralines 20%

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Pink Pralines 20% are an essential ingredient of too numerous recipes to list (cakes, cookies, brioches, muffins, etc...), they can also be enjoyed on their own as a sweet treat. Pralines Roses (pink pralines) are pink-tinted sugar coated almonds, sometimes roasted but also not roasted.

The best known recipe calling for Praline Roses is the "Praluline" invented by Auguste Pralus in his Patisserie in Roanne, near Lyon. Auguste is the father of internationally renown French chocolatier Francois Pralus. In 1955 Auguste Pralus incorporated pralines roses in his brioche recipe, the success of this now famous brioche known as "Praluline" has never diminished to this day.

Pralines Roses come in various amount of almond content: 20% are used mainly for baking recipes while the 40% and 50% almond contents are for enjoying by themselves. Please note that the 20% are made with raw almonds while the 40 and 50% contains roasted almonds. Imported from Provence - France.